Friday, December 17, 2010

Books,Covers And Judgements

People always say that "dont judge a book by its cover",but people do judge others by its cover.Thats why,first impression is important.Imagine yourself that youre an author of a book.You want to write a book that will be a hit around the world.You need your book's front page to turn heads in the book store.Different from the rest of the book in the store.

Then,when it comes to the customer,you analyse the book,read the summary of the back(if have any).You dont spend the whole time in the bookstore to flick through page by page.If you find that book is interesting,you'll buy it and read it at home.

Same goes to humans,People judge others on first impression.No offense,some might not,but most of us do.Its human nature.But if you really want to know a particular person that you're interested with,spend time with them.Have a healthy conversation.It takes time,but you will know how looks can deceive.

What weird is,people still judge others after they know the real you.But,you'll never satisfy everyone.Just be yourself,and have pride in it.You'll be fine.There's someone for everyone.Maybe majorities cant accept for the way you are,but there's always the minorities who accepts.So,be proud of yourself and dont be afraid to be unique.

Judgements will lead to gossips.Gossips will lead to nothing.There's always something new to talk about.So,spend time with the one you want to judge,flick his/her pages one by one.Try to appreciate others,and you might be appreciated.

Have dignity,have self confidence,have pride ! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give me Sandwiches !

Here's the thing,on this post,i'll be explaining how the "Good Guys Out There" felt when a woman just think that these "Good Guys Out There" was just a friend to them,and nothing more than that.No offense,this is purely based on my personal experience.There's no expert opinion on this matter.Enjoy !

When a guy says that he likes her very much and wanted it to be more than friends.They really do. *Attention,this is what the "Good Guys Out There" would do.I know,girls said that "all the guys are the same".In fact ! We are not ! .You just met the wrong guy and you make assumption based on your situation.If all guys are the same,you would fall into all guys.Because I can say that im like Robert Downey Jr.Hell yeah ! Or even Justin Bieber ! LMFAO ! .So,is Justin Bieber the same as me? NOT !

Back to the topic,them girls thought it would be so cool that they just can say that "Im sorry,but we can be friends tho " .
And the guy would say, "Yeah,that would be good enough for me " .It is cool that the girls would say that.But what do you feel when you gave your heart to someone,and say it out loud in front of her,then get rejected?That you expect the other half would say "awhhh,I felt the same way too" ? Tell me about it.

Actually,I really dont give a shit about these kind of stuff.But,Im doing it for the "Good Guys Out There".If you think that the good guy are too good for you,and you're afraid that you'll break his heart in the future.C'mon,give the good guy a chance.Because it takes ball for a man to confess that he's really into her.Trust me.Just give it a try and see how things goes.

Or maybe ! you girls can get a man way better than the "Good Guys Out There" who'd just confessed than he likes you and you think that it's a joke.That he's not your type or maybe that you are kind of girl that like the "Bad Boys" .I'm tired of thinking.Give me wisdom please.Because I really need to figure this out.Girls are complicated,yet,Guys is way harder to be figured out :)

p/s:To all the douchebags out there.If you already have a girl besides you.Just take good care of her and stay away from the singles one.Give a chance to the good guys to take the spotlight.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mango & Passion

This entry is not about fruits.The title is just purely random.Its been ages since I last blogged.The only chance that I've decided to start bloggging again is when I have nothing to do.Really nothing.Then I would start typing.So,for this entry is about "What drive you to keep on living"

As a matter of fact,Im finding one for myself.Why drives me?I just need something or someone,to make my life exciting again.So that I can feel excited everytime I wake up in the morning.Something that would make me feel alive.

I know many of us are driven by money or even wealth.Everyone wants to be successful.Everyone wants to be rich.Maybe just want to have a comfy life.Make money,get a car,buy a house,get married,have kids and die.Thats good enough for me.LOL.

As for myself,I still cant see myself for the next 5 years.Im not the kind of person who live and think too much,at least before this.I just live to live the next day.But now,I have to start thinking about the future.Think about myself.Putting myself first rather than anyone else.For now,it's like I'm getting my own life and less depending from my parents.

I guess thats maturity,when you start to think whats best for you,what do you want in life.At the same time,I dont feel the need to have a relationship.Just want to make loads of friends and get to know each other first.Because Im complicated.Trust me.Just bare with me.See my dark side and you'll know.

For the time being,I just need to focus on my studies and build up my own life.Gonna stand with my own two feet and get through rough time.Because I had mine just few weeks back.And I'm thankful for my family's support and encouragement.

So yeah,just think about it a second,What drive you to keep on living?Start visioning and plans.Without passion in what you do,there's no point living.Just take a lift,push the 16th floor button,then jump off the balcony :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Art Of Decision Making

Here's the thing,everyday,we have to make a choice and decide on what to do?how to do it?where to go? and etc.Yet,each decision we make,will turn out different consequences for each decision.Dont be afraid to make choice and make mistake,we learn from it :)

For example,purely based on my experience.The decision to cut my hair.A simple thing yet teaching me a great lesson about decision making.For starters,I've decided to not cut my hair until its long enough to re-shape it.Then,it bothers me and I started thinking to cut it anyway.Then,I asked few friends about it.Some wants me to cut it short and neat.It would make me looked like 16 years old if I did.Then,I asked others.They like it this way.So,I cant decide.

Few days later,before my night shower,I asked my dad to cut my hair.But!Just at the back of my head.Because thats the one that has been bothering me.And yeah,I had it cut off.And now,I have thick front hair and short back hair-HAHA!

I dont regret it tho,It's my choice anyway.Maybe others dont like it.But,It's my hair.So WTH!The conclusion is,think twice before make decisions.Seek others for advice,but dont let them influence you 100%.Because at the end of the day,you're the one that have to make choices.Be a future-thinking person.Ready to make mistake and have backup plans if anything goes wrong.Learn something from your choice you make.

Have dignity,be a leader to yourself.Thats the way to live.Be rational.Thats the art.WORD =_='

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Well Deserved Getaway

Thursday:5 pm off from Subang Jaya,then went to Bukit Mertajam,Gurney Drive,Golden Sands Resort,Nasi Kandar Beratur and finally off to Jitra

Friday:woke up at 12 noon,went to Solat Jumaat,stayed at Adzim home watching Grown Up,8 pm went to eat Maggie Sup Campur with Adzim's family,9 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan Kubang Pasu for rehearsal.12 midnight off to shisha infront of KFC Jitra

Saturday:woke up at 8 15 am. 9 45 am arrived at Bustani Hotel for Make up photoshoot session. 1 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan for the main event. 8 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan for the VIP session.12 30 am off to Dusun Kampung for shisha.3 30 am staying in Bustani Hotel-Luxury suite :)

Sunday:woke up at 10 am.went to eat Cendol Pulut at Changlun.1 30 pm went futsal-ing.3 30 pm went swimming at Darul Aman Golf Resort.6 30 pm went back to Adzim's house.

Monday:woke up at 8 am.went breakfast and off to Subang Jaya.2 30 pm arrived at home


p/s:Thanks to Adzim's family for letting me stay at their home.Thanks to Iqram and all his friends for such a great experience.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Being normal sucks!With no extra ordinary features,how can you survive in this world?Humans are getting smarter,stronger,faster,more cruel towards each other.Being normal is just gonna left you on the side line.When the riches are getting richer,the poor will be dead suffering from modenization.

And why is that?Because our life is controlled and pre-destined.Unless,we do something about it.They control our life through internet,music,movies,internet and mostly television.For me,I just go with the flow.No effort nor action.Pure slavery.
Dont know what I'm talking about?Yeah,most of us didnt know.Like me,I know what I'm talking about.But,I dont take actions.It's like the concept of going green.Everybody's are saying that they are going green.But what efforts that they pour in into that concept?Plugging off your laptop?Pfftt.

This is pure frustation of the world that I lived in.Everyday,we learn something that they invented.Their programmes,syllabus,methods on how to live our life.They want us to live,their way.Its like Limp Bizkit saying,"Its my way or the highway" .Think about yourself.Think about the world that you live in.Think about the news in the television.Think about the politics.Think everything.You would not get the answer.

Just brace yourself for the afterlife.Thats all.

Nazim Azis

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I can see the future!

Last night,I was trying to sleep.At 4.30 am,I was really trying to close my eyes.Suddenly,I started thinking about my future.What will I be in 5 years time.Do I have a job?Do I get married by that time?How about my family?My friends?What do I have at that time?A car?A house? Then,I think,I started to sleep.

Then,dreams started to roll.I dreamt that I'm working on in a banking instituition.There's no clue about the bank that I "will" work in that dream.Suddenly,I remembered my lecturer once said in class,"kalau awak perasan,kalau orang kerja bank,hari jumaat dorang bebas pakai baju apa dorang nak,sebab sabtu dan ahad dorang cuti" It was kinda ironic,but,I think i was laughing in bed-hahaha.Then,I realised,It's kinda cool to work on an office hour basis with stable income per month.Not included bonuses and etc.I still have Saturday and Sunday to kill.

The dream continues,I'm a clerk in a banking instituition.But,I do have a superbike-hahahaha.How can you afford to buy a superbike when you're just a clerk?Anyway,its just a dream mofo-haha.Then,Hari Raya Puasa arrived,I was still living in Subang Jaya in 5 years time,and planning to go back to Johor Bahru for Hari Raya.With my cool superbike,I travelled from Subang Jaya to Johor Bahru just in 2 hours time.No jamms nor tolls-haha.

When the time I arrived at home,the parking lot was full with cars and the neon lights are bright as the sun.And now thats Raya!-haha.I pulled my keys off and my nephews and nieces greeted me. "Pak Su ! Pak Su !" LOL.I'm still single at the time.No girlfriend of wife.And then,the first day of Raya comes.As being an uncle,I give them RM10 each.I think thats more than enough-haha.

Suddenly,my sister went in my room and said. "Nah ni burger" then she left.After that,I cant really recall my dreams again.I end up waking up at 3.30 pm.Ironically,this is the first time I can remember dreams in bed and tell it back in real world.Anyway,this is just a dream.Dont read it too seriously-haha.

Toodles! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Life Changing Experience

Today was a special typical Sunday.I woke up at 2 30 pm due to the World Cup match last night.Today was to be expected that I will shoot SOME or as in 200 sports cars at Sunway Pyramid.With all my prepared gears,I stroll down Sunway Pyramid alone as in the search for the Convention Center.Then,I was introduced to all the cars at the VIP parking lot.I might say its kind of a combination of luxury and sports cars.Models like BMW Z4,BMW 5 series,BMW M6,BMW X6,Porsche Carrera,Mitsubishi Lancer Evo8,Skyline GTR,Nissan Fairlady,Volkswagen Beetle and etc.

I cant take my of these fabolous cars! Who wouldn't? Then I wondered,whom is these cars belong to? Then, I was brought into the hall in the Convention Center.Seconds I've entered the hall,my eyes went bulged when I saw thousands of people inside the hall,hearing some kind of speech that are uplifting and excites the crowd.I was clueless and didnt know a thing about this program.Of course,I came here for other reason,I didn't prepare myself to hear some speech about "something" .As I'm being polite,I sat and heard all through the program.

I was intrigued by the uplifting speech of the person who is in front and upstage by these thousands of people in front of him.Then,the life changing moment came.The spokeperson clicked his remote and the video started.It was a video about a Taiwanese mum who travelled 3 countries,and not knowing a single word of English,whom has been suspected of drug trafficking,who willing to travel from Taiwan to Venezuela to see her newly pregnant daughter there.

Then, another mini film rolled in.This time its about a poorly man/husband/father from phillippines that collects leftovers from a fastfood restaurant.When i said leftovers,it is leftovers.He picked it up directly from the garbage.Then,he select leftovers that still can be eatable.Finished collecting,he came back home,and his childrens dive into the bin like they werent eaten for days.

Thats when it strucks me,although I've been in the hall for a few hours,I now realize that this program is about how we can change our own life,and by doing that,we can change others.Its about giving back.To repay back to all of our parent sacrifications,to bring all of us up.And now Im 18,and my parents are in the 50's.Will they still alive to see me when I'm successful?Will they still alive to receive my repayment to them?

So,today my perspective about life has totally changed 360' .It makes me thinks about my future,about my parent's future and my carrier ahead.Starting from today,I will graduate myself from youth thinking to future thinking person.Its a small start.But,atleast it's a start.From today,I will change my way of thinking,my way of approaching others,try to be more positive about myself.

Hope for the best,work hard for the best result.Start small,dream big.Do big things,but stay small.Thats the principes of life.Help yourself,and then you can help others around you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Success is spelled this way, H A R D W O R K

For example,me myself,given up on my study for SPM.Bukak buku 5minit je da bosan,Then bukak laptop online,main game and etc.Tidak dapat dinafikan,aku seorang yang cepat putus asa-haha.For my high school year,in form 4 and form 5,aku tak pernah hantar nota Civil Engineering or apa-apa notes lah.Kalau latihan tu sekali sekala jela hantar,tu pun nak sedapkan hati cikgu je.As a result,my SPM was dissapointing-haha.But chill,SPM is not everything,Ianya cuma medium untuk seseorang tu nak capai impian dia.Kalau nak jadi doktor,belajar la betul-betul.Take tuition class,do study group,focus in class.Stop online-ing 24/7,stop hanging out with friends.Dont worry,lepas SPM banyak masa boleh spend dengan kawan kawan.So,Never say never,if you wanna be successful,your effort towards it is really matters the most.So,kalau tak study for SPM,dont expect great results lah-haha.

Another example is,how to be successful in the business or corporates industries.Kalau nak start bisnes,mesti kena ada modal right?Mana ada bisnes dalam dunia ni boleh kaya tanpa kuar modal 1 sen pun.For example,the direct selling business,kalau rajin,kaya la,kalau malas tak dapat la income.What you work for is what you get.Kalau tak usaha nak dapatkan tender projek,takkan la employers nak datang cari kau kan?Rezeki ada di mana-mana,bergantung kepada kita nak cari or duduk rumah goyang kaki je-haha.

So,if you ask any celebrities or billionaires in the world,dorang takkan cakap kejayaan takkan datang dengan mudah.Mesti dorang akan hadapi masalah yang menimpa dalam proses sebelum berjaya tu.So,the moral of this post is YOU HAVE TO WORK TO REALLY GET WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE.Dont rely too much on others to be successful.So,cheers and goodluck to all of you :)

p/s:harap maaf untuk bahasa rojak :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leaving On A Jetplane

As all of you know,im leaving for college soon :) So this is my last goodbye to all of you.It's been great since the last paper of Engineering Drawing last year,I had a blast going to many places with my bestfriends.Hanging out until sun rise,sleepovers,been through ups and downs.But,as life as it is,it goes on.

I am surely gonna miss this one hell of a vacation.I'm gonna miss my parent,my friends,miss hanging out at Lokman each evening and night,futsal-ing with them,play badminton and laugh to anything we do.I'll miss racing with Yunus when he's on his way home.I'll miss watching movie at Skudai Parade when there's no one in the cinema except us.I'll miss shisha-ing at Pandan City,Singgah Selalu,Susur.I'll also gonna miss those shemale at susur-hahaha.

Staying up late and waking up late is surely the most thing ill gonna miss.Damng!I cant imagine i'm waking up at 7 in the morning.Waoh!It's gonna be a miracle-haha.College life are not even started yet i feel that im gonna miss all these stuff.

Before i say goodbye,i would like to apologise to all of my wronged to all of you,sorry if i'd ever hurt you in anyway possible,as the Muslims alway says when Hari Raya Puasa,"Maaf Zahir Dan Batin,Halalkan Makan Dan Minum,Dari Hujung Rambut Sampai Ke Hujung Kaki,Yang Baik Datang Dari Allah,Yang Tak Seberapa Nak Baik Tu Datang Dari Saya"

So,this is goodbye,and goodluck to all my friends who will start their college/university life soon enough.All the best and I hope our friendship will last until eternity! cewah! haha.Goodbye for now :)


Nazim Azis

Friday, January 29, 2010

Heaven in Hell

Life after SPM memang heaven in hell !Hari-hari bangun lambat,then makan,mandi and keluar sampai 3 atau 4 am baru balik.Sudah beberapa bulan macam ni pun tak bosan jugak.Tak rindu pun zaman sekolah.Maybe belum kot.Cuma macam terharu la tengok kawan kawan yang lain ada yang bekerja part time.Aku pergi sana sini ada je muka yang kenal.

Result SPM lama lagi nak keluar.Maybe minggu kedua bulan March.So for the time being aku buat freelance photography.Ramai kawan kawan aku ingat buat benda ni duit banyak masuk.Sebenarnya tak lah banyak mana pun.Sebab aku pun baru nak buat benda benda ni semua.Perlukan masa untuk get used to it.

Plan nak sambung study kat mana?Hmm.Maybe aku nak amek course masscom je lepas ni.Tak nak sambung civil engineering.Kalau result ok,dapat uitm mana2 pun ok lah.Tapi pernah jugak terfikir tak nak sambung belajar and just started working.But entah lah.Lesen memandu kereta pun tak amek lagi.For now,takda plan apa pun.Cuma ada plan early March ni.Tu pun tak tau lah jadi ke tak.

So,this is how my life's been after SPM.Sumpah best gila babs doh! haha.It's like heaven in hell! My parents pun tak banyak songel dah nowdays.Tulis this blog suma nak update je my blog for 2010.This is the first one.So enjoy! although tak menarik sangat pun :)