Friday, December 17, 2010

Books,Covers And Judgements

People always say that "dont judge a book by its cover",but people do judge others by its cover.Thats why,first impression is important.Imagine yourself that youre an author of a book.You want to write a book that will be a hit around the world.You need your book's front page to turn heads in the book store.Different from the rest of the book in the store.

Then,when it comes to the customer,you analyse the book,read the summary of the back(if have any).You dont spend the whole time in the bookstore to flick through page by page.If you find that book is interesting,you'll buy it and read it at home.

Same goes to humans,People judge others on first impression.No offense,some might not,but most of us do.Its human nature.But if you really want to know a particular person that you're interested with,spend time with them.Have a healthy conversation.It takes time,but you will know how looks can deceive.

What weird is,people still judge others after they know the real you.But,you'll never satisfy everyone.Just be yourself,and have pride in it.You'll be fine.There's someone for everyone.Maybe majorities cant accept for the way you are,but there's always the minorities who accepts.So,be proud of yourself and dont be afraid to be unique.

Judgements will lead to gossips.Gossips will lead to nothing.There's always something new to talk about.So,spend time with the one you want to judge,flick his/her pages one by one.Try to appreciate others,and you might be appreciated.

Have dignity,have self confidence,have pride ! :)

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