Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mango & Passion

This entry is not about fruits.The title is just purely random.Its been ages since I last blogged.The only chance that I've decided to start bloggging again is when I have nothing to do.Really nothing.Then I would start typing.So,for this entry is about "What drive you to keep on living"

As a matter of fact,Im finding one for myself.Why drives me?I just need something or someone,to make my life exciting again.So that I can feel excited everytime I wake up in the morning.Something that would make me feel alive.

I know many of us are driven by money or even wealth.Everyone wants to be successful.Everyone wants to be rich.Maybe just want to have a comfy life.Make money,get a car,buy a house,get married,have kids and die.Thats good enough for me.LOL.

As for myself,I still cant see myself for the next 5 years.Im not the kind of person who live and think too much,at least before this.I just live to live the next day.But now,I have to start thinking about the future.Think about myself.Putting myself first rather than anyone else.For now,it's like I'm getting my own life and less depending from my parents.

I guess thats maturity,when you start to think whats best for you,what do you want in life.At the same time,I dont feel the need to have a relationship.Just want to make loads of friends and get to know each other first.Because Im complicated.Trust me.Just bare with me.See my dark side and you'll know.

For the time being,I just need to focus on my studies and build up my own life.Gonna stand with my own two feet and get through rough time.Because I had mine just few weeks back.And I'm thankful for my family's support and encouragement.

So yeah,just think about it a second,What drive you to keep on living?Start visioning and plans.Without passion in what you do,there's no point living.Just take a lift,push the 16th floor button,then jump off the balcony :)

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