Monday, March 11, 2013


            So here we go again,I'm back blogging on the page eventho I have no idea on what to write.Anyway,I just finished my diploma programme in Business Management,just so you know.I'm jobless,broke,and got nothing better to do,for the time being of course.But,I have future plans in mind that I want to achieve or acomplish in future time.
           Basically I write what I'm dealing with in my life,or what I see,I feel or opinions on a subject or something.One thing I'm dealing at the moment is that people tend to tell me that "Im too young for this,for that.That I should enjoy life bla bla bla yada yada yada" But in fact,I dont feel young,yet I feel old,old enough to start working,earn 5k per month,buy a badass sport car,get a girlfriend,or married.Thats what I want right now.Yet,I know I'm still young.It's just,I want my life to start now.It seems like I have a lot to go through in life but at the same thing I have had enough in life.

        And my mum wants me to settle down on a daily basis 9 to 5 job with minimal wage and to have to wear office attire which something I try to avoid my whole life.I hate formality,I hate corporates.A few of the worldly things I hate.I have big dreams,big objectives that I want to achieve.But I'm caught up with family's wants and needs.FYI,I'm not from a wealthy family nor luxurious life.But I'm grateful for what have God gives to me and my family.More money,more problems.It's something I believed in.

       I find it funny when people can relate to what I'm blogging tho,LOL.Well,obviously I'm not like those bloggers who post stuffs and this and that and finally become one of the celebrities on local entertainments. *jangan terasa pls* HAHA Oh do mind my language,grammatical errors or spelling errors.I dont have time to check all of that before posting or such.

   All in all,let's just be the best we can be and let God decides which best for us.The important thing is that we have the effort to try and never give up.And frankly,I feel I'm too old for blogging stuff or something related.It's just....nevermind...LOL.Anyway,may God bless our journey and ease off the pain we gon through in this life and makes us the most noble companion in Hereafter,insyaAllah,Amin.

                                    Have a great day,week and month coming !