Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Being normal sucks!With no extra ordinary features,how can you survive in this world?Humans are getting smarter,stronger,faster,more cruel towards each other.Being normal is just gonna left you on the side line.When the riches are getting richer,the poor will be dead suffering from modenization.

And why is that?Because our life is controlled and pre-destined.Unless,we do something about it.They control our life through internet,music,movies,internet and mostly television.For me,I just go with the flow.No effort nor action.Pure slavery.
Dont know what I'm talking about?Yeah,most of us didnt know.Like me,I know what I'm talking about.But,I dont take actions.It's like the concept of going green.Everybody's are saying that they are going green.But what efforts that they pour in into that concept?Plugging off your laptop?Pfftt.

This is pure frustation of the world that I lived in.Everyday,we learn something that they invented.Their programmes,syllabus,methods on how to live our life.They want us to live,their way.Its like Limp Bizkit saying,"Its my way or the highway" .Think about yourself.Think about the world that you live in.Think about the news in the television.Think about the politics.Think everything.You would not get the answer.

Just brace yourself for the afterlife.Thats all.

Nazim Azis

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