Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give me Sandwiches !

Here's the thing,on this post,i'll be explaining how the "Good Guys Out There" felt when a woman just think that these "Good Guys Out There" was just a friend to them,and nothing more than that.No offense,this is purely based on my personal experience.There's no expert opinion on this matter.Enjoy !

When a guy says that he likes her very much and wanted it to be more than friends.They really do. *Attention,this is what the "Good Guys Out There" would do.I know,girls said that "all the guys are the same".In fact ! We are not ! .You just met the wrong guy and you make assumption based on your situation.If all guys are the same,you would fall into all guys.Because I can say that im like Robert Downey Jr.Hell yeah ! Or even Justin Bieber ! LMFAO ! .So,is Justin Bieber the same as me? NOT !

Back to the topic,them girls thought it would be so cool that they just can say that "Im sorry,but we can be friends tho " .
And the guy would say, "Yeah,that would be good enough for me " .It is cool that the girls would say that.But what do you feel when you gave your heart to someone,and say it out loud in front of her,then get rejected?That you expect the other half would say "awhhh,I felt the same way too" ? Tell me about it.

Actually,I really dont give a shit about these kind of stuff.But,Im doing it for the "Good Guys Out There".If you think that the good guy are too good for you,and you're afraid that you'll break his heart in the future.C'mon,give the good guy a chance.Because it takes ball for a man to confess that he's really into her.Trust me.Just give it a try and see how things goes.

Or maybe ! you girls can get a man way better than the "Good Guys Out There" who'd just confessed than he likes you and you think that it's a joke.That he's not your type or maybe that you are kind of girl that like the "Bad Boys" .I'm tired of thinking.Give me wisdom please.Because I really need to figure this out.Girls are complicated,yet,Guys is way harder to be figured out :)

p/s:To all the douchebags out there.If you already have a girl besides you.Just take good care of her and stay away from the singles one.Give a chance to the good guys to take the spotlight.


  1. macam mana pun, still, tadaa dah good guys kat lua sanaaa tuu,
    huuuu :/

  2. someday you'll find one cekelat !

  3. arghh, apaa cekelat haaa!
    ishhh, ntahh bilaaa lahh somedayyy tuu kan~
    HAHA -.-