Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Old,Day by Day

Soooooooooo,heeeeeereeeee weeee gooooo ! After almost one year + I've been away from blogging,Im just too bus living life I guess.Btw,my blog is not my diary,so I dont write everything.I write when I want to.And yes,Im officially 20 and 4 days old.Happy belated birthday to me then ! :D As life goes on,we are getting older,day by day.Yet,do you think after all those years living on Earth,do you want to change anything or there are so much you want to achieve in life that you didnt care die trying. As for me,after 20 years I'm standing on this Earth,Allah have treated me well Alhamdulillah.I would not change anything in my past.Because my past have made this one awesome guy!I admit that Im awesome,LOL.I know I am,nevermind.I got this quote that says "The best teacher is experience,and the best student is the person who would not regret his past and learn from his mistakes" I cant remember where I found this quote,but this quote is kinda like my references or word of wisdom when I sometimes give up on life.Sometimes I do,dont you ? I actually do give up on this world.Its a cruel cruel world that we live in.Im trying to do everything right to make myself useful to this world.I try my best to satisfy my family's,friend's or lecturer's needs and demands and removing mine.

Its a bittersweet life,I might say.But I wouldnt change it for the world.I love my family,friends and the one who is important to me in my life.We should appreciate and grateful for what Allah gave us in this life eventho we always ignore our obligation towards Islam and to Allah.But for now,Im trying my best to balance my obligation towards God and life as a student/entrepreneur/socialist and etc etc.Imma multitasker fyi. I write crap,haha.Mind my language :) Actually I didnt even know what to write,I just start writing.Thats the epitome of it.You write what your heart tells you.Because sometimes,our mind can play tricks on us.Listen to your heart,have faith and keep on going.And actually,Im tired of being a "shoulder to cry on" for someone or my friend who are in need.I know its a noble thing to hear someone's problem or conflict,but sometimes.Its just tiring.Because it will always goes back at point A.Unsolved problems.It cant be solve because you cant let go of your past.In order to move on,you need to start fresh,state your goals,and forget about bullshits in the past.Life have so much to give anyway.One problem is the door to many other opportunities.You just have to grab it. 

 So my crap continues,eventho I have HRM midterm exam at 9am,and its 7.45am already-haha !Im just cool like that :p Anyway ! Thanks for those who wished on my birthday,eventho I really didnt ask for it,trust me.I hate birthday wishes,because I dont believe in miracles,or wishes.Because I work hard for what I achieve for.I've been doing it al my life.There's no shortcut to success.And also,as always,no presents on my birthday.Eventho I had great time that day with my sister,had dinner at TGIF IOI Mall Puchong.I didnt know that at TGIF,when its your birthday,you have to sing while standing on the chair and the workers will stomp and chant idk what and wish you a Happy Birthday.Its kinda embrassing for me - HAHA ! As life goes on,I still have a year or something here in MSU,to complete my Diploma in Business Management.So Im no going nowhere within this few years to come.And to see my friends doing business,and doing it well,Im just so proud to be part of it.Eventho me and my friends are only in the 20's,I think we achieve big regarding to our young age.InsyaAllah,we will strive to make your Malaysia a better place to live in. 

 So,there it goes,a lot of craps.Holla ! ;)