Friday, July 30, 2010

The Art Of Decision Making

Here's the thing,everyday,we have to make a choice and decide on what to do?how to do it?where to go? and etc.Yet,each decision we make,will turn out different consequences for each decision.Dont be afraid to make choice and make mistake,we learn from it :)

For example,purely based on my experience.The decision to cut my hair.A simple thing yet teaching me a great lesson about decision making.For starters,I've decided to not cut my hair until its long enough to re-shape it.Then,it bothers me and I started thinking to cut it anyway.Then,I asked few friends about it.Some wants me to cut it short and neat.It would make me looked like 16 years old if I did.Then,I asked others.They like it this way.So,I cant decide.

Few days later,before my night shower,I asked my dad to cut my hair.But!Just at the back of my head.Because thats the one that has been bothering me.And yeah,I had it cut off.And now,I have thick front hair and short back hair-HAHA!

I dont regret it tho,It's my choice anyway.Maybe others dont like it.But,It's my hair.So WTH!The conclusion is,think twice before make decisions.Seek others for advice,but dont let them influence you 100%.Because at the end of the day,you're the one that have to make choices.Be a future-thinking person.Ready to make mistake and have backup plans if anything goes wrong.Learn something from your choice you make.

Have dignity,be a leader to yourself.Thats the way to live.Be rational.Thats the art.WORD =_='

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