Friday, July 30, 2010

The Art Of Decision Making

Here's the thing,everyday,we have to make a choice and decide on what to do?how to do it?where to go? and etc.Yet,each decision we make,will turn out different consequences for each decision.Dont be afraid to make choice and make mistake,we learn from it :)

For example,purely based on my experience.The decision to cut my hair.A simple thing yet teaching me a great lesson about decision making.For starters,I've decided to not cut my hair until its long enough to re-shape it.Then,it bothers me and I started thinking to cut it anyway.Then,I asked few friends about it.Some wants me to cut it short and neat.It would make me looked like 16 years old if I did.Then,I asked others.They like it this way.So,I cant decide.

Few days later,before my night shower,I asked my dad to cut my hair.But!Just at the back of my head.Because thats the one that has been bothering me.And yeah,I had it cut off.And now,I have thick front hair and short back hair-HAHA!

I dont regret it tho,It's my choice anyway.Maybe others dont like it.But,It's my hair.So WTH!The conclusion is,think twice before make decisions.Seek others for advice,but dont let them influence you 100%.Because at the end of the day,you're the one that have to make choices.Be a future-thinking person.Ready to make mistake and have backup plans if anything goes wrong.Learn something from your choice you make.

Have dignity,be a leader to yourself.Thats the way to live.Be rational.Thats the art.WORD =_='

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Well Deserved Getaway

Thursday:5 pm off from Subang Jaya,then went to Bukit Mertajam,Gurney Drive,Golden Sands Resort,Nasi Kandar Beratur and finally off to Jitra

Friday:woke up at 12 noon,went to Solat Jumaat,stayed at Adzim home watching Grown Up,8 pm went to eat Maggie Sup Campur with Adzim's family,9 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan Kubang Pasu for rehearsal.12 midnight off to shisha infront of KFC Jitra

Saturday:woke up at 8 15 am. 9 45 am arrived at Bustani Hotel for Make up photoshoot session. 1 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan for the main event. 8 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan for the VIP session.12 30 am off to Dusun Kampung for shisha.3 30 am staying in Bustani Hotel-Luxury suite :)

Sunday:woke up at 10 am.went to eat Cendol Pulut at Changlun.1 30 pm went futsal-ing.3 30 pm went swimming at Darul Aman Golf Resort.6 30 pm went back to Adzim's house.

Monday:woke up at 8 am.went breakfast and off to Subang Jaya.2 30 pm arrived at home


p/s:Thanks to Adzim's family for letting me stay at their home.Thanks to Iqram and all his friends for such a great experience.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Being normal sucks!With no extra ordinary features,how can you survive in this world?Humans are getting smarter,stronger,faster,more cruel towards each other.Being normal is just gonna left you on the side line.When the riches are getting richer,the poor will be dead suffering from modenization.

And why is that?Because our life is controlled and pre-destined.Unless,we do something about it.They control our life through internet,music,movies,internet and mostly television.For me,I just go with the flow.No effort nor action.Pure slavery.
Dont know what I'm talking about?Yeah,most of us didnt know.Like me,I know what I'm talking about.But,I dont take actions.It's like the concept of going green.Everybody's are saying that they are going green.But what efforts that they pour in into that concept?Plugging off your laptop?Pfftt.

This is pure frustation of the world that I lived in.Everyday,we learn something that they invented.Their programmes,syllabus,methods on how to live our life.They want us to live,their way.Its like Limp Bizkit saying,"Its my way or the highway" .Think about yourself.Think about the world that you live in.Think about the news in the television.Think about the politics.Think everything.You would not get the answer.

Just brace yourself for the afterlife.Thats all.

Nazim Azis

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I can see the future!

Last night,I was trying to sleep.At 4.30 am,I was really trying to close my eyes.Suddenly,I started thinking about my future.What will I be in 5 years time.Do I have a job?Do I get married by that time?How about my family?My friends?What do I have at that time?A car?A house? Then,I think,I started to sleep.

Then,dreams started to roll.I dreamt that I'm working on in a banking instituition.There's no clue about the bank that I "will" work in that dream.Suddenly,I remembered my lecturer once said in class,"kalau awak perasan,kalau orang kerja bank,hari jumaat dorang bebas pakai baju apa dorang nak,sebab sabtu dan ahad dorang cuti" It was kinda ironic,but,I think i was laughing in bed-hahaha.Then,I realised,It's kinda cool to work on an office hour basis with stable income per month.Not included bonuses and etc.I still have Saturday and Sunday to kill.

The dream continues,I'm a clerk in a banking instituition.But,I do have a superbike-hahahaha.How can you afford to buy a superbike when you're just a clerk?Anyway,its just a dream mofo-haha.Then,Hari Raya Puasa arrived,I was still living in Subang Jaya in 5 years time,and planning to go back to Johor Bahru for Hari Raya.With my cool superbike,I travelled from Subang Jaya to Johor Bahru just in 2 hours time.No jamms nor tolls-haha.

When the time I arrived at home,the parking lot was full with cars and the neon lights are bright as the sun.And now thats Raya!-haha.I pulled my keys off and my nephews and nieces greeted me. "Pak Su ! Pak Su !" LOL.I'm still single at the time.No girlfriend of wife.And then,the first day of Raya comes.As being an uncle,I give them RM10 each.I think thats more than enough-haha.

Suddenly,my sister went in my room and said. "Nah ni burger" then she left.After that,I cant really recall my dreams again.I end up waking up at 3.30 pm.Ironically,this is the first time I can remember dreams in bed and tell it back in real world.Anyway,this is just a dream.Dont read it too seriously-haha.

Toodles! :)