Monday, July 19, 2010

A Well Deserved Getaway

Thursday:5 pm off from Subang Jaya,then went to Bukit Mertajam,Gurney Drive,Golden Sands Resort,Nasi Kandar Beratur and finally off to Jitra

Friday:woke up at 12 noon,went to Solat Jumaat,stayed at Adzim home watching Grown Up,8 pm went to eat Maggie Sup Campur with Adzim's family,9 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan Kubang Pasu for rehearsal.12 midnight off to shisha infront of KFC Jitra

Saturday:woke up at 8 15 am. 9 45 am arrived at Bustani Hotel for Make up photoshoot session. 1 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan for the main event. 8 30 pm off to Dewan Wawasan for the VIP session.12 30 am off to Dusun Kampung for shisha.3 30 am staying in Bustani Hotel-Luxury suite :)

Sunday:woke up at 10 am.went to eat Cendol Pulut at Changlun.1 30 pm went futsal-ing.3 30 pm went swimming at Darul Aman Golf Resort.6 30 pm went back to Adzim's house.

Monday:woke up at 8 am.went breakfast and off to Subang Jaya.2 30 pm arrived at home


p/s:Thanks to Adzim's family for letting me stay at their home.Thanks to Iqram and all his friends for such a great experience.

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