Monday, March 11, 2013


            So here we go again,I'm back blogging on the page eventho I have no idea on what to write.Anyway,I just finished my diploma programme in Business Management,just so you know.I'm jobless,broke,and got nothing better to do,for the time being of course.But,I have future plans in mind that I want to achieve or acomplish in future time.
           Basically I write what I'm dealing with in my life,or what I see,I feel or opinions on a subject or something.One thing I'm dealing at the moment is that people tend to tell me that "Im too young for this,for that.That I should enjoy life bla bla bla yada yada yada" But in fact,I dont feel young,yet I feel old,old enough to start working,earn 5k per month,buy a badass sport car,get a girlfriend,or married.Thats what I want right now.Yet,I know I'm still young.It's just,I want my life to start now.It seems like I have a lot to go through in life but at the same thing I have had enough in life.

        And my mum wants me to settle down on a daily basis 9 to 5 job with minimal wage and to have to wear office attire which something I try to avoid my whole life.I hate formality,I hate corporates.A few of the worldly things I hate.I have big dreams,big objectives that I want to achieve.But I'm caught up with family's wants and needs.FYI,I'm not from a wealthy family nor luxurious life.But I'm grateful for what have God gives to me and my family.More money,more problems.It's something I believed in.

       I find it funny when people can relate to what I'm blogging tho,LOL.Well,obviously I'm not like those bloggers who post stuffs and this and that and finally become one of the celebrities on local entertainments. *jangan terasa pls* HAHA Oh do mind my language,grammatical errors or spelling errors.I dont have time to check all of that before posting or such.

   All in all,let's just be the best we can be and let God decides which best for us.The important thing is that we have the effort to try and never give up.And frankly,I feel I'm too old for blogging stuff or something related.It's just....nevermind...LOL.Anyway,may God bless our journey and ease off the pain we gon through in this life and makes us the most noble companion in Hereafter,insyaAllah,Amin.

                                    Have a great day,week and month coming ! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Old,Day by Day

Soooooooooo,heeeeeereeeee weeee gooooo ! After almost one year + I've been away from blogging,Im just too bus living life I guess.Btw,my blog is not my diary,so I dont write everything.I write when I want to.And yes,Im officially 20 and 4 days old.Happy belated birthday to me then ! :D As life goes on,we are getting older,day by day.Yet,do you think after all those years living on Earth,do you want to change anything or there are so much you want to achieve in life that you didnt care die trying. As for me,after 20 years I'm standing on this Earth,Allah have treated me well Alhamdulillah.I would not change anything in my past.Because my past have made this one awesome guy!I admit that Im awesome,LOL.I know I am,nevermind.I got this quote that says "The best teacher is experience,and the best student is the person who would not regret his past and learn from his mistakes" I cant remember where I found this quote,but this quote is kinda like my references or word of wisdom when I sometimes give up on life.Sometimes I do,dont you ? I actually do give up on this world.Its a cruel cruel world that we live in.Im trying to do everything right to make myself useful to this world.I try my best to satisfy my family's,friend's or lecturer's needs and demands and removing mine.

Its a bittersweet life,I might say.But I wouldnt change it for the world.I love my family,friends and the one who is important to me in my life.We should appreciate and grateful for what Allah gave us in this life eventho we always ignore our obligation towards Islam and to Allah.But for now,Im trying my best to balance my obligation towards God and life as a student/entrepreneur/socialist and etc etc.Imma multitasker fyi. I write crap,haha.Mind my language :) Actually I didnt even know what to write,I just start writing.Thats the epitome of it.You write what your heart tells you.Because sometimes,our mind can play tricks on us.Listen to your heart,have faith and keep on going.And actually,Im tired of being a "shoulder to cry on" for someone or my friend who are in need.I know its a noble thing to hear someone's problem or conflict,but sometimes.Its just tiring.Because it will always goes back at point A.Unsolved problems.It cant be solve because you cant let go of your past.In order to move on,you need to start fresh,state your goals,and forget about bullshits in the past.Life have so much to give anyway.One problem is the door to many other opportunities.You just have to grab it. 

 So my crap continues,eventho I have HRM midterm exam at 9am,and its 7.45am already-haha !Im just cool like that :p Anyway ! Thanks for those who wished on my birthday,eventho I really didnt ask for it,trust me.I hate birthday wishes,because I dont believe in miracles,or wishes.Because I work hard for what I achieve for.I've been doing it al my life.There's no shortcut to success.And also,as always,no presents on my birthday.Eventho I had great time that day with my sister,had dinner at TGIF IOI Mall Puchong.I didnt know that at TGIF,when its your birthday,you have to sing while standing on the chair and the workers will stomp and chant idk what and wish you a Happy Birthday.Its kinda embrassing for me - HAHA ! As life goes on,I still have a year or something here in MSU,to complete my Diploma in Business Management.So Im no going nowhere within this few years to come.And to see my friends doing business,and doing it well,Im just so proud to be part of it.Eventho me and my friends are only in the 20's,I think we achieve big regarding to our young age.InsyaAllah,we will strive to make your Malaysia a better place to live in. 

 So,there it goes,a lot of craps.Holla ! ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its Been Awhile :B

Hello fellow Earthlings ! Im back again for such a long time of dissapeareance.Thanks to #adindaevans,she inspired to start blogging again.LOL.About her,she's like the talk on Twitter,Facebook and all.I just checked out her blog.I dont find anything amusing about her blog.Except,her daring confession that she's aint a virgin.

So what !Whats the fuss all about.She has the right of a human being to write anything she wants,and importantly,on her own fucking blog.I know its kinda stupid to write about sensitive issues such as that.As Malays,we have our own manners and cultural behaviour to control.But,I'm not a type of person who judge people easily.There must be a solid reason why she did/write that.Maybe for instant popularity on the cyberworld,or just being plain ass stupid. *sorry for the hasrh words

Anyway,nuff said about her.I dont really care and give a damn about her shit.Its her life,and it does not effect mine even for a pinch.So,goodluck with everything to her,and all the best to cope with public's humiliation.Its your fault that it happen.

An advice to her,and all of you guys out there.Seeking attention from others is good,but make sure that they give it for the right reasons.You #adindaevans,has screwed up,BIG TIME.But, its not the end of the world.Time will pass and people will forget.Seeks for positive attention.Gain it by success,achievements,and such that you can be proud of yourself.Not talking about that you're brave enough to tell the whole world that you're no longer a virgin.

Dont take this post seriously guys.Im just giving my opinions and thoughts that we all can relate to and use to make your life better.Thats it for now.Maybe it will take awhile for a new post.But surely wait for that ! :B

p/s:Thanks for those who can relate to what I write,and even maybe,you should suggest me on what to write. :)

Nazim Azis

Monday, January 31, 2011


Maybe most of you heard of this quote about life as a washing machine and stuff?You dont?Well,let me explain.Life is really like an automatic washing machine.They toss you up,twist you around,soak you with water,drain you up,and you'll be good as new.

In real life,you'll get that.You'll be tossed with excitement,twisted with confusions,soaked up with enjoyment,drained down your soul,and it would be one hell of a ride.Thats life.Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for hell ! xD

For the past 2 weeks,I've been struggling with all kind of illness,but it dont stop me to have so much fun.To celebrate my friend's girlfriend 19th birthday,here and there.And yeah,Everyone do have their breaking point.And there's no better way to put it all of that than to just lay on your bed,in your room,alone,for 2 damn fucking days.It's like I'm in my own world,Earth stops spinning,and time stop ticking.But I wont advise you guys to do so,it has its own consequences.

Friends,live your life to the fullest.No matter what it is.Just do it.Nothing else matters.But wait ! This is the "Live Fast And Die Young" kind of lifestyle.Its a choice not a trend.Everything's a choice and individuals make decisions.You are responsible for what you chose in life.

I know this post might be hard to understand,but,study this hard,and you'll get what I mean.Life aint about provision.Its about making decision.Its about option.You choose in God's guide.For everything you did,do,done in life.You dont have to regret every single of it.Whether the bad or the good,at the end.It made for who you are,today.And for today,Its up to you to change for the better or for worst.

I write crap a lot,but its up to you to judge.I write what I write.It's all based on my daily life experiences and others around me.I hope what I write you can use some of it into yours.Even at the age of 19(unofficially),I've been there,done that,seen different types of person,their behaviour,their weakness and strength.At the same time,I've learn mine too.Thats all for this entry.Think outside the box.Unveil your true colors and potential.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Books,Covers And Judgements

People always say that "dont judge a book by its cover",but people do judge others by its cover.Thats why,first impression is important.Imagine yourself that youre an author of a book.You want to write a book that will be a hit around the world.You need your book's front page to turn heads in the book store.Different from the rest of the book in the store.

Then,when it comes to the customer,you analyse the book,read the summary of the back(if have any).You dont spend the whole time in the bookstore to flick through page by page.If you find that book is interesting,you'll buy it and read it at home.

Same goes to humans,People judge others on first impression.No offense,some might not,but most of us do.Its human nature.But if you really want to know a particular person that you're interested with,spend time with them.Have a healthy conversation.It takes time,but you will know how looks can deceive.

What weird is,people still judge others after they know the real you.But,you'll never satisfy everyone.Just be yourself,and have pride in it.You'll be fine.There's someone for everyone.Maybe majorities cant accept for the way you are,but there's always the minorities who accepts.So,be proud of yourself and dont be afraid to be unique.

Judgements will lead to gossips.Gossips will lead to nothing.There's always something new to talk about.So,spend time with the one you want to judge,flick his/her pages one by one.Try to appreciate others,and you might be appreciated.

Have dignity,have self confidence,have pride ! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give me Sandwiches !

Here's the thing,on this post,i'll be explaining how the "Good Guys Out There" felt when a woman just think that these "Good Guys Out There" was just a friend to them,and nothing more than that.No offense,this is purely based on my personal experience.There's no expert opinion on this matter.Enjoy !

When a guy says that he likes her very much and wanted it to be more than friends.They really do. *Attention,this is what the "Good Guys Out There" would do.I know,girls said that "all the guys are the same".In fact ! We are not ! .You just met the wrong guy and you make assumption based on your situation.If all guys are the same,you would fall into all guys.Because I can say that im like Robert Downey Jr.Hell yeah ! Or even Justin Bieber ! LMFAO ! .So,is Justin Bieber the same as me? NOT !

Back to the topic,them girls thought it would be so cool that they just can say that "Im sorry,but we can be friends tho " .
And the guy would say, "Yeah,that would be good enough for me " .It is cool that the girls would say that.But what do you feel when you gave your heart to someone,and say it out loud in front of her,then get rejected?That you expect the other half would say "awhhh,I felt the same way too" ? Tell me about it.

Actually,I really dont give a shit about these kind of stuff.But,Im doing it for the "Good Guys Out There".If you think that the good guy are too good for you,and you're afraid that you'll break his heart in the future.C'mon,give the good guy a chance.Because it takes ball for a man to confess that he's really into her.Trust me.Just give it a try and see how things goes.

Or maybe ! you girls can get a man way better than the "Good Guys Out There" who'd just confessed than he likes you and you think that it's a joke.That he's not your type or maybe that you are kind of girl that like the "Bad Boys" .I'm tired of thinking.Give me wisdom please.Because I really need to figure this out.Girls are complicated,yet,Guys is way harder to be figured out :)

p/s:To all the douchebags out there.If you already have a girl besides you.Just take good care of her and stay away from the singles one.Give a chance to the good guys to take the spotlight.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mango & Passion

This entry is not about fruits.The title is just purely random.Its been ages since I last blogged.The only chance that I've decided to start bloggging again is when I have nothing to do.Really nothing.Then I would start typing.So,for this entry is about "What drive you to keep on living"

As a matter of fact,Im finding one for myself.Why drives me?I just need something or someone,to make my life exciting again.So that I can feel excited everytime I wake up in the morning.Something that would make me feel alive.

I know many of us are driven by money or even wealth.Everyone wants to be successful.Everyone wants to be rich.Maybe just want to have a comfy life.Make money,get a car,buy a house,get married,have kids and die.Thats good enough for me.LOL.

As for myself,I still cant see myself for the next 5 years.Im not the kind of person who live and think too much,at least before this.I just live to live the next day.But now,I have to start thinking about the future.Think about myself.Putting myself first rather than anyone else.For now,it's like I'm getting my own life and less depending from my parents.

I guess thats maturity,when you start to think whats best for you,what do you want in life.At the same time,I dont feel the need to have a relationship.Just want to make loads of friends and get to know each other first.Because Im complicated.Trust me.Just bare with me.See my dark side and you'll know.

For the time being,I just need to focus on my studies and build up my own life.Gonna stand with my own two feet and get through rough time.Because I had mine just few weeks back.And I'm thankful for my family's support and encouragement.

So yeah,just think about it a second,What drive you to keep on living?Start visioning and plans.Without passion in what you do,there's no point living.Just take a lift,push the 16th floor button,then jump off the balcony :)