Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Life Changing Experience

Today was a special typical Sunday.I woke up at 2 30 pm due to the World Cup match last night.Today was to be expected that I will shoot SOME or as in 200 sports cars at Sunway Pyramid.With all my prepared gears,I stroll down Sunway Pyramid alone as in the search for the Convention Center.Then,I was introduced to all the cars at the VIP parking lot.I might say its kind of a combination of luxury and sports cars.Models like BMW Z4,BMW 5 series,BMW M6,BMW X6,Porsche Carrera,Mitsubishi Lancer Evo8,Skyline GTR,Nissan Fairlady,Volkswagen Beetle and etc.

I cant take my of these fabolous cars! Who wouldn't? Then I wondered,whom is these cars belong to? Then, I was brought into the hall in the Convention Center.Seconds I've entered the hall,my eyes went bulged when I saw thousands of people inside the hall,hearing some kind of speech that are uplifting and excites the crowd.I was clueless and didnt know a thing about this program.Of course,I came here for other reason,I didn't prepare myself to hear some speech about "something" .As I'm being polite,I sat and heard all through the program.

I was intrigued by the uplifting speech of the person who is in front and upstage by these thousands of people in front of him.Then,the life changing moment came.The spokeperson clicked his remote and the video started.It was a video about a Taiwanese mum who travelled 3 countries,and not knowing a single word of English,whom has been suspected of drug trafficking,who willing to travel from Taiwan to Venezuela to see her newly pregnant daughter there.

Then, another mini film rolled in.This time its about a poorly man/husband/father from phillippines that collects leftovers from a fastfood restaurant.When i said leftovers,it is leftovers.He picked it up directly from the garbage.Then,he select leftovers that still can be eatable.Finished collecting,he came back home,and his childrens dive into the bin like they werent eaten for days.

Thats when it strucks me,although I've been in the hall for a few hours,I now realize that this program is about how we can change our own life,and by doing that,we can change others.Its about giving back.To repay back to all of our parent sacrifications,to bring all of us up.And now Im 18,and my parents are in the 50's.Will they still alive to see me when I'm successful?Will they still alive to receive my repayment to them?

So,today my perspective about life has totally changed 360' .It makes me thinks about my future,about my parent's future and my carrier ahead.Starting from today,I will graduate myself from youth thinking to future thinking person.Its a small start.But,atleast it's a start.From today,I will change my way of thinking,my way of approaching others,try to be more positive about myself.

Hope for the best,work hard for the best result.Start small,dream big.Do big things,but stay small.Thats the principes of life.Help yourself,and then you can help others around you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Success is spelled this way, H A R D W O R K

For example,me myself,given up on my study for SPM.Bukak buku 5minit je da bosan,Then bukak laptop online,main game and etc.Tidak dapat dinafikan,aku seorang yang cepat putus asa-haha.For my high school year,in form 4 and form 5,aku tak pernah hantar nota Civil Engineering or apa-apa notes lah.Kalau latihan tu sekali sekala jela hantar,tu pun nak sedapkan hati cikgu je.As a result,my SPM was dissapointing-haha.But chill,SPM is not everything,Ianya cuma medium untuk seseorang tu nak capai impian dia.Kalau nak jadi doktor,belajar la betul-betul.Take tuition class,do study group,focus in class.Stop online-ing 24/7,stop hanging out with friends.Dont worry,lepas SPM banyak masa boleh spend dengan kawan kawan.So,Never say never,if you wanna be successful,your effort towards it is really matters the most.So,kalau tak study for SPM,dont expect great results lah-haha.

Another example is,how to be successful in the business or corporates industries.Kalau nak start bisnes,mesti kena ada modal right?Mana ada bisnes dalam dunia ni boleh kaya tanpa kuar modal 1 sen pun.For example,the direct selling business,kalau rajin,kaya la,kalau malas tak dapat la income.What you work for is what you get.Kalau tak usaha nak dapatkan tender projek,takkan la employers nak datang cari kau kan?Rezeki ada di mana-mana,bergantung kepada kita nak cari or duduk rumah goyang kaki je-haha.

So,if you ask any celebrities or billionaires in the world,dorang takkan cakap kejayaan takkan datang dengan mudah.Mesti dorang akan hadapi masalah yang menimpa dalam proses sebelum berjaya tu.So,the moral of this post is YOU HAVE TO WORK TO REALLY GET WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE.Dont rely too much on others to be successful.So,cheers and goodluck to all of you :)

p/s:harap maaf untuk bahasa rojak :)