Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its Been Awhile :B

Hello fellow Earthlings ! Im back again for such a long time of dissapeareance.Thanks to #adindaevans,she inspired to start blogging again.LOL.About her,she's like the talk on Twitter,Facebook and all.I just checked out her blog.I dont find anything amusing about her blog.Except,her daring confession that she's aint a virgin.

So what !Whats the fuss all about.She has the right of a human being to write anything she wants,and importantly,on her own fucking blog.I know its kinda stupid to write about sensitive issues such as that.As Malays,we have our own manners and cultural behaviour to control.But,I'm not a type of person who judge people easily.There must be a solid reason why she did/write that.Maybe for instant popularity on the cyberworld,or just being plain ass stupid. *sorry for the hasrh words

Anyway,nuff said about her.I dont really care and give a damn about her shit.Its her life,and it does not effect mine even for a pinch.So,goodluck with everything to her,and all the best to cope with public's humiliation.Its your fault that it happen.

An advice to her,and all of you guys out there.Seeking attention from others is good,but make sure that they give it for the right reasons.You #adindaevans,has screwed up,BIG TIME.But, its not the end of the world.Time will pass and people will forget.Seeks for positive attention.Gain it by success,achievements,and such that you can be proud of yourself.Not talking about that you're brave enough to tell the whole world that you're no longer a virgin.

Dont take this post seriously guys.Im just giving my opinions and thoughts that we all can relate to and use to make your life better.Thats it for now.Maybe it will take awhile for a new post.But surely wait for that ! :B

p/s:Thanks for those who can relate to what I write,and even maybe,you should suggest me on what to write. :)

Nazim Azis