Thursday, July 1, 2010

I can see the future!

Last night,I was trying to sleep.At 4.30 am,I was really trying to close my eyes.Suddenly,I started thinking about my future.What will I be in 5 years time.Do I have a job?Do I get married by that time?How about my family?My friends?What do I have at that time?A car?A house? Then,I think,I started to sleep.

Then,dreams started to roll.I dreamt that I'm working on in a banking instituition.There's no clue about the bank that I "will" work in that dream.Suddenly,I remembered my lecturer once said in class,"kalau awak perasan,kalau orang kerja bank,hari jumaat dorang bebas pakai baju apa dorang nak,sebab sabtu dan ahad dorang cuti" It was kinda ironic,but,I think i was laughing in bed-hahaha.Then,I realised,It's kinda cool to work on an office hour basis with stable income per month.Not included bonuses and etc.I still have Saturday and Sunday to kill.

The dream continues,I'm a clerk in a banking instituition.But,I do have a superbike-hahahaha.How can you afford to buy a superbike when you're just a clerk?Anyway,its just a dream mofo-haha.Then,Hari Raya Puasa arrived,I was still living in Subang Jaya in 5 years time,and planning to go back to Johor Bahru for Hari Raya.With my cool superbike,I travelled from Subang Jaya to Johor Bahru just in 2 hours time.No jamms nor tolls-haha.

When the time I arrived at home,the parking lot was full with cars and the neon lights are bright as the sun.And now thats Raya!-haha.I pulled my keys off and my nephews and nieces greeted me. "Pak Su ! Pak Su !" LOL.I'm still single at the time.No girlfriend of wife.And then,the first day of Raya comes.As being an uncle,I give them RM10 each.I think thats more than enough-haha.

Suddenly,my sister went in my room and said. "Nah ni burger" then she left.After that,I cant really recall my dreams again.I end up waking up at 3.30 pm.Ironically,this is the first time I can remember dreams in bed and tell it back in real world.Anyway,this is just a dream.Dont read it too seriously-haha.

Toodles! :)

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