Monday, January 31, 2011


Maybe most of you heard of this quote about life as a washing machine and stuff?You dont?Well,let me explain.Life is really like an automatic washing machine.They toss you up,twist you around,soak you with water,drain you up,and you'll be good as new.

In real life,you'll get that.You'll be tossed with excitement,twisted with confusions,soaked up with enjoyment,drained down your soul,and it would be one hell of a ride.Thats life.Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for hell ! xD

For the past 2 weeks,I've been struggling with all kind of illness,but it dont stop me to have so much fun.To celebrate my friend's girlfriend 19th birthday,here and there.And yeah,Everyone do have their breaking point.And there's no better way to put it all of that than to just lay on your bed,in your room,alone,for 2 damn fucking days.It's like I'm in my own world,Earth stops spinning,and time stop ticking.But I wont advise you guys to do so,it has its own consequences.

Friends,live your life to the fullest.No matter what it is.Just do it.Nothing else matters.But wait ! This is the "Live Fast And Die Young" kind of lifestyle.Its a choice not a trend.Everything's a choice and individuals make decisions.You are responsible for what you chose in life.

I know this post might be hard to understand,but,study this hard,and you'll get what I mean.Life aint about provision.Its about making decision.Its about option.You choose in God's guide.For everything you did,do,done in life.You dont have to regret every single of it.Whether the bad or the good,at the end.It made for who you are,today.And for today,Its up to you to change for the better or for worst.

I write crap a lot,but its up to you to judge.I write what I write.It's all based on my daily life experiences and others around me.I hope what I write you can use some of it into yours.Even at the age of 19(unofficially),I've been there,done that,seen different types of person,their behaviour,their weakness and strength.At the same time,I've learn mine too.Thats all for this entry.Think outside the box.Unveil your true colors and potential.

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  1. agree 100% ! one more i think, through life experience, i believe in one thing, 'follow yr heart'. keep on blogging. love yr words :)