Saturday, September 5, 2009

Emptiness And Isolation


People have special one that they share feelings with.Well i dont.And i dont really like to share with others because i find it hard to believe everyone else except my closest friends and family.

I do tend to get jealous with them couples.Not because i dont have a girlfriend.I dont need girlfriend.What i need is soulmate.A person that i can trust with all my heart and soul.Who i can depend on whether im up or down.Who understand me with all my weird situations.Who can charm me with her grace.And most importantly,who laugh at my unfunny jokes.

Well,i asked too much.I dont aim for perfection but i do aim for total happiness.


  1. couple ko kata? kat blog aku ada post tentang couple tu. haha. baca!!

  2. yeah aku setuju dgn kau 100% arip

  3. haha.. bagus².. kalau ada orang lain nak baca :

    (ceh market lak! haha)

  4. your time will come soon, brothah.

  5. woah!
    ayt jiwang siutt
    chill laa
    naty kawen dpt laa da perfection ue babe
    xyah cpl² neyh
    buang masa :P hee

  6. eit, you'll never get that in a 100 years.keep on dreaming lah jim oii haha. haha kidding. someday you will, okay? ;)

  7. yelah
    aku tau aku tak HANGSOME mcm azizan
    hahahah xp

  8. babi mung. apa kau tulis? tarik balik eh. grr.

  9. ok aku tarik
    teh tarik!
    hahaha xp