Saturday, April 18, 2009

photoshoot oh photoshoot

Today actually we arranged a photoshoot session for girls that live in jb.But,what can i do,they all got their own problems and cant attend.Anyway,i arrive at city square around 3 pm.All alone,i "pusing-pusing macam orang takda arah" until 4 pm.Then,these motherfuckers arrrived(yen,wan,pizi,amy,azim).We went to J co donuts and have ourself a dozen of donuts.Thanks Mok!haha.Then we decide ourself to do our own photoshoot.We went to the newly built custom department or the "Gerbang Selatan".it reminds me of Kl Central instead haha.It's design are cool but it is not fully open yet.Then,we went to the historical KTM.We sit then open our dslrs and start snapping random photos.bla bla bla.We get ourself a kinda cool shots of city square and the blue sky.I've got myself a good shot too haha.I've upload it in my myspace.Do check it out.So here are the photos for today.There are photos from other cameras too.These photos are from my dslr only.Enjoy!


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  1. im a girl from jb. haha. but i have my own photographer..