Monday, February 23, 2009

this is jimmy

the name given is nazim but you can call me just a small boy who live in this big world.i need all the help i can get to survive this cruel 17 this year and i will face my SPM.i want to enjoy my last year of school as much as i can now.anyway,my birthday is on 23rd do wish me a happy birthday when the time comes :) im single do try your best to win my heart haha.

i do love all my friends in myspace or in the real world.i cherish my friendship with all my friends everyday.i need them as i need my family.
i do love music.i hear them everyday but i do have weird influence for dont be surprise that you are hearing weird songs in my i dont approve peeps.i accept who i just chill and just add other person than me.for those who steal my photos,better watch out.dont use them for bad thats all from me folks.thanks for ask for my ym/msn.i might give it to you :)

i do photoshop all my photos in myspace-unless stated.this is because i dont want people to see my weakness in taking should do your strength not weakness.myspace is just for fun.for those of you who think that you've been fooled by my photos.its your choice.i cant help it.anyway,i dont photoshop someone else photos kinda lazy and busy with my homework.

i love music with all my heart and soul.i hear them music taste varies according to my mood and condition at the just enjoy my profile songs.some of it you might not heard it before.i do support my local music.if i dont support them,who else right?no offense i listen only to good music and im not trying to be a buyers just to listen to a genre only.i prefer a mix of things.